**Not only can I see my dining room table again but I actually enjoy hosting dinners.  My file cabinet is organized and now in daily use!!!  
                            Charlyne Z. (Realtor/Property Manager)

**Working with Jennifer has been a blessing.  She helped me get my 3 bedroom home functional for all my daily needs, organized my bills(which are getting paid on time now), and taught me how to keep it that way.  Her rates are worth it now that I don't need a housekeeper!    
                               Heidi H. (Make-up Artist/Stylist)

**You must give Jennifer a call!! I was very disorganized and was making a major move across country.  She not  only came into my house and got it all together, she went as far as labeling my boxes with what was in them, making another checklist sheet to verify and coordinate them, even folded all the clothes and filled the boxes-how amazing is that! There isn't anything she can't handle, down to organizing file cabinets, bills, taxes and putting items and furniture together!  Amazing, simply amazing!  I wish she lived closer to Florida to come do my office!!
                              Lynda B. (Motorcycle Rental Rep)